SiteAdvisor software

Click with confidence

Award-winning, free protection that uses intuitive icons to give you safety and phishing advice before you click on a risky site.

SiteAdvisor Software Features and Benefits

SiteAdvisor software is an award-winning, free browser plug-in that provides safety advice about Websites when you need it - before you click on a risky site.

Feature SiteAdvisor
Safer Searching
Safer Browsing
Safer Shopping
Secure Search Box
Risky Site Blocking
Phishing Protection
Automatic Updates
Latest version includes:
  • Mac installer - Faster installations designed specifically for Mac users
  • Automatic upgrades - Say goodbye to annoying browser "add-on updates"
  • Secure Search - Easier to configure settings let you click with confidence
  • Search Engines - More places to use your SiteAdvisor software

SiteAdvisor Software Icons Explained

We use icons to help you decide what to click on.

Rating Icons
McAfee SECURE: Tested daily for hacker vulnerabilities.
SAFE: Very low or no risk issues.
CAUTION: Minor risk issues.
WARNING: Serious risk issues.
UNKNOWN: Not yet rated. Use caution.
Secure Search Icons
SECURE SEARCH BOX: Worry free searching.
BROWSER BUTTON: Validates site rating.